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Powering Communication Innovations with FIFUM’s Expertise for Ekho Technology

As a startup, Ekho Technology has set out to redefine the way organisations interact with their customers and partners. Specialising in creating a communication and audience engagement platform, Ekho1 is an engagement app design for charities and organisations to collaborate with their audience to enhance the benefit for all parties. Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build their innovative platforms, how to design and deploy a cost-effective and secure solution on AWS presented complex challenges. 

This case study delves into how FIFUM worked with Ekho Technology to meet the technical challenges, allowing Ekho Technology to focus on business success and growth.

The Challenge

While AWS’s vast cloud solution promised unparalleled flexibility for Ekho Technology’s ambitious project, deciphering the myriad of options to identify the most cost-effective and secure path to deployment was daunting. Ekho Technology needed a partner who could demystify AWS’s complex environment and guide them towards a solution that not only met their immediate needs but also aligned with their vision for future growth. The primary challenge was to deploy a scalable, secure communication solution without incurring excessive costs.

FIFUM’s Approach

Understanding of Ekho Technology’s vision and requirements was key. With this FIFUM was able to step in with an approach, blending their deep expertise in cloud technologies to provide a technical architecture which allowed optimising AWS resources to ensure robust security measures and laying a foundation for scalable growth. Beyond this, a focus on the application deployment requirements and user experience was also identified as a key component, also shaping the solutions presented.

Ekho Technology Case Study


Whilst Ekho Technology’s focus remains on maximising the benefit of this communication platform for their customers, they can be confident that the technical solution meets their requirement is scaled for the future.

This case study underscores FIFUM’s role as a critical ally for digital innovators, providing the expertise and support necessary to turn visionary projects into successful, scalable realities. For organisations looking to navigate the complexities of cloud services while ensuring security, cost-efficiency, and scalability, FIFUM offers a blueprint for success, demonstrating their unmatched ability to empower clients in the digital age.

“Collaborating with FIFUM has been a game-changer for us. Their expertise allowed us to focus on the business confident that we had a cost-effective, secure, and scalable platform. FIFUM’s commitment to supporting our growth journey gives us a partner we could turn to.”

Arnold Agyeman, Founder/CTO, Ekho Technology.

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